Will my CBD tincture arrive quickly?

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When it comes to ordering your CBD tincture, where you get it matters more than anything else. You don’t want to risk inadvertently purchasing your product from another country or a new business that isn’t established yet.

For you to know that your CBD tincture arrive quickly, be sure to only purchase from legitimate business close to home.

Do your research and know exactly where your CBD tincture is coming from. Know the state where the business is located and also be sure to know the state where the hemp is grown. This is just as important.

You don’t want your hemp plant being trucked across the entire country to be processed into the final product. As close to home as you can get will ensure a quality product that hasn’t been shipped all over.

Certain states are known to have a quality history of growing a quality product. Namely Washington and Colorado have had the longest tenure of legally growing hemp. However, other states are starting to jump in and are making a good name for themselves so don’t shy away from trying products from other states as well.

All about location

If you live in a neighboring state you may get your product in as little as a few days. If you order from Amazon you will more than likely get your product in two days.

However, you will want to do a little research on whatever product you buy so you know exactly what you are getting.

Not all CBD products are created equal. And without any sort of FDA oversight, as a consumer it is your responsibility to double check that the business you are purchasing from has provided quality testing results from a third party lab.

Most legitimate hemp and CBD companies provide this information on their website. 

Patience isn’t a virtue, don’t wait

So, if you’re wondering how long you will have to wait to get your next shipment of CBD tincture it is really dependent on where you live and where you purchase from.

In today’s buying and shipping process however, having to wait very long is likely never going to be an issue. The most I have had to wait for is about a week.

Shortest wait for you to ensure your CBD tincture arrive quickly

If you live in a state that has legalized the recreational sale of marijuana then you won’t have to wait at all. Simply head down to your local corner cannabis store and ask for their best CBD tincture. They are sure to have just what you need and you can head home with it today.

Otherwise, some great choices with 2-day shipping from Amazon include:

All of these products come from companies that include their Certificate of Analysis either on their website or on request. I have checked each one out for you.

But as always, we recommend you know where your CBD product is coming from and that it has been tested to not include more than the federally legal amount of 0.3%THC levels. 

There are horror stories all over the internet of curious buyers wondering why their CBD oil was so inexpensive and why they could purchase it at their local gas station. Upon further testing it was found to be a placebo product without any CBD or hemp ingredients at all. 

Don’t waste your time with shady businesses, buy from a company you can trust. If they won’t provide their 3rd party lab testing then chances are they aren’t a legitimate company.

When you order your product from Amazon you know that your CBD tincture will arrive quickly and you will be able to experience the full health benefits very soon. Order your CBD tincture today and see how this amazing herbal supplement can start to improve your life today.

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