Does CBD tincture help with common aches?

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Historically, CBD oils have been used to help with common aches and pains for thousands of years. Ancient Chinese scrolls and Egyptian hieroglyphics show that these ancient civilizations all appreciated and utilized the amazing natural benefits of the hemp plant.

In more recent history, unfortunately, hemp was lumped in with marijuana and classified a Class I drug, thus criminalizing it. In 2018, Congress passed the now-infamous Farm Bill which legalized the commercially grown hemp plant as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. 

What is a tincture?

 A tincture is a highly concentrated version of CBD oil. Because of the concentration process, the potency of CBD tincture is quite a bit more than CBD oil. Most people find they do not need nearly as much CBD tincture as they normally would with CBD oil to be able to experience its amazing health benefits.

The flowers from the hemp plant are steeped in high-grain alcohol and then cooked over low heat for quite a few hours. Once the concentrated liquid is ready it is mixed with a sweet flavored carrier oil, such as orange or peppermint oil, to mask the bitterness of the tincture.

This process provides a tincture that is incredibly potent with high levels of CBD but the same low levels of THC that the hemp plant is required to have in order to be legal. So, this very concentrated liquid has high doses of healthy CBD oil without increasing the psychoactive THC levels. You will get all the health benefits without the high, and stay perfectly legal.

CBD tincture and common aches

CBD oil has amazing health benefits including providing relief from chronic pain as well as inflammation. For ailments such as arthritis, the concentrated CBD tincture is a great natural alternative to many of the synthetic drugs on the market today.

Due to the highly concentrated nature of CBD tincture, only a few small drops under your tongue is all you need to experience the amazing health benefits. If the tincture is too bitter for you to stand putting it under your tongue you can mix it with food or drink. However, keep in mind that any CBD tincture you digest through your stomach will take longer to take effect than putting it directly under your tongue.

For those dealing with chronic pain, they are all too familiar with the many pills doctors want to prescribe for pain relief. CBD oil derived from the hemp plant has long been known to help relieve pain from chronic pain and inflammation. 

Proof has been found that ancient civilizations, from China to Egypt, all knew about the many health benefits and utilized the hemp plant. We are just now catching up in terms of learning about just how many chronic ailments can be treated with CBD oils and tinctures. What we are learning is that CBD tinctures do in fact help with your common aches and pains.

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